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Bilateral sinus lift and Dental implants (植牙病案9)

**warning: contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please view at your own discretion!

Upper molar teeth missing treated by bilateral sinus lift through lateral window and implants 上颌磨牙缺失的植牙和两侧经侧窗的上颌窦提升

· Female, 49 yo. 患者 女性,49 岁

· Missing bilateral upper molars for many years, It was found on the exam that there was a marked pneumatization of maxillary sinuses, only 2-3 mm bone height under the sinus floors, impossible for implant placement unless more bone regenerated by sinus lift procedure. 双侧上颌磨牙缺失多年, 术前检查发现双侧上颌窦低垂, 植牙区只有2-3毫米高度的牙槽骨, 除非用上颌窦提升植骨, 否则无法种植牙。

· Staged sinus lift procedures were performed on both left and right sides, after 4 months, two implants were placed, another 4 month later, two implant supported crowns were installed. 首先进行分阶段的双侧上颌窦提升植骨, 4 个月确定植骨成功后 将两颗种植 体植入, 再过4个月后, 安装了种植牙冠。

Before the bilateral sinus lift, the X-ray showed very limited bone height (

white line) under the sinus floor(blue line)

After Bilateral sinus lift, X-ray showed bone regenerated( white line) under the uplifted sinus floor(blue line), make it possible to place implants.

The X-ray after treatment, showing the implant supported crowns on the upper left and right molar areas.

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