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Crown & Bridge type of prostheses with 7 implants (植牙病案 10)

**warning: contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please view at your own discretion!

The lower arch with only one tooth to be kept treated by dental implants 只能保存一颗牙齿的无牙颌种植修复

· Female , 52 yo. 患者 女性,52 岁

· She had been wearing a denture for more than ten years, most of remaining teeth were either very loose or badly broken, with exception of one bottom right molar was possible to be kept. 佩戴可摘式假牙十余年,下牙弓所剩牙齿或松动疼痛或破碎, 仅有右下一颗磨牙可以保留。

· After extractions, seven implants were placed. With a computer generated surgical guide, the placed implants were well located and angulated so that C&B type of restorations were easily designed and installed. 所需的牙齿拔除后,应用电脑设计3D打印的种植导板, 将七颗种植体 植入骨内。 由于制导种植技术的精确性, 冠桥类别种植修复体的设计和安装十分容易方便。

Before implant treatment, the lower front teeth were very loose, and teeth in the back badly broken, only one right bottom molar tooth to be kept

After implant restoration, the lower teeth are divided into four sections: the green is a single tooth, the yellow and orange are 3 unit bridges( back teeth) supported by two implants; the blue section is 6 unit bridge (front teeth) supported by three implants.

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