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Esthetic implant restorations achieved by hard & Soft tissue regeneration

Updated: May 2

**warning: contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please view at your own discretion!



·       56 year old, Female.   56岁, 女性。

·       The upper right central incisor was missing with severe bone deficiency( see the marked area), the left incisors were hopeless due to infection and insufficient tooth structure left.

上中切牙丧失伴有严重骨缺损( 图上蓝色标志), 左侧两个切牙也因根尖感染和没有足够的牙齿结构供修复而需要拔除。 

·       Treatment: An autogenous bone was harvested from the R. retromolar area, transplanted to the bone deficiency area, the upper left incisors were extracted followed by socket preservation procedure with bone graft. Meanwhile,  a connective tissue graft also performed to increase volume of soft tissue in order to achive the best esthetic result.

具体治疗过程: 从右侧磨牙后区取自体骨移植至上前牙骨缺损区左侧切牙拔除后植入骨粉做牙槽保存术, 同时进行软组织移植再生以达到美观效果。 

·       Four month later, two implants were placed. After healing, an implant supported prosthesis was installed.

四月后, 植入两个种植体。 骨愈合后, 装上种植修复体


·       Treatment outcome

Before Treatment

                    After tissue regeneration

After Treatment

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