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Immediate Implant Case 2(植牙病案7)

**warning: contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please view at your own discretion!

Immediate implant placement following extraction, immediate provisional restoration 拔牙立即种植即期安装临时牙冠

· 23 yo male, 患者23岁, 男性。

· The right upper central incisor was fractured by an accident,hopeless to keep. 右

侧中切牙在事故中折断, 无希望保留。

· Immedate implant placement and provisionization at the same time of extraction牙齿拔除的同时即期植牙并装上临时牙冠。

· Six months later, a definitive metal ceramic crown was installed replacing the temporary crown. 六个月后,安装上 永久性的金属烤瓷牙冠, 替换掉临时牙冠。

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