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Aesthetic Implant Case(种植病案2)

**warning: contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please view at your own discretion!

Immediate implant placement following extraction, immediate provisional restoration 拔牙立即种植即期安装临时牙冠

· 46 year old, female 46岁女性患者

· Central incisor crown fractured, unable to restore, severely affect her appearance.

门牙牙冠折断无法修复, 严重影响美观。

· Extraction performed in atraumatic way and an implant placed according to the anatomy. 无创拔牙, 立即种植。

Bone graft in socket around implant. Provisional implant supported crown fabricated chairside, and fixated into the implant. 牙槽窝植骨,即期制作临时牙冠,安装在种植体上

· After 6 month,local tissue healed and stabilized, a definite all ceramic crown was fabticated and installed and patient had very nice smile.六个月以后, 局部组织愈合稳定,永久性全瓷牙冠制作后安装在种植体上, 患者恢复了自然笑容。

Patient is able to smile again!

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