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Implant Supported Prosthesis (种植病案3)

**warning: contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please view at your own discretion!

Fixed prosthesis on lower arch supported by six implants 六个种植体支持的下颌牙修复体

· 72 year old, female. 患者七十二岁, 女性。

· All the remaining teeth on the lower arch need to be extracted due to severe

wear and infection. 下颌所有剩余牙齿因严重磨损和感染需拔除。

She could not adapt to the conventional removable denture, therefore desired

to have fixed implant supported prosthesis.她不能适应传统的可摘式义齿因此希


· Six dental implants placed into lower jaw. 六个种植体植入下颌骨内。

· After six moth healing, the new prosthesis was fixated on the six osteointegrated implants, with which patient had great function and comfort .


And patient now has comfortable dentures!

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