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Periodontal Disease

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Did you know, bleeding gums when you brush your teeth is NOT NORMAL? Instead it is caused by gingival inflammation and is an early sign of poor gingival health.

In the early stages of bacterial deposition, the immune system responds with inflammation of gingival tissue and bleeding on brush is a sign of this inflammation! If you are bleeding when you brush your teeth, it is a sign to start flossing and brushing more regularly and to see a dental professional for regular cleanings!

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is characterized by the progressive loss of the bone and attachment apparatuses that surround teeth leading to eventual tooth mobility and loss. During acute exacerbation, periodontal disease can lead to infection and abscess formation and you may experience pain and swelling of the affected region. Periodontal disease is caused by the microorganisms found in plaque and calculus and our own body's response to these micro-organisms.

Treatment options

Bone loss caused by periodontal disease cannot be reversed, however, deep cleanings, regular cleaning frequencies, and when needed, periodontal surgery, can help slow/stop the progression of bone loss. Of course, no matter what treatment you receive, your home care habits such as brushing and flossing are vital to maintaining health.

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