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Sinus Lift and Implant (种植病案4)

**warning: contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please view at your own discretion!

Left Lateral window sinus lift and simultaneous two implant placement 左侧经侧面开窗上颌窦提升植骨和同时种植

· 62 year old, female.患者女性, 62 岁。

· Missing two molars on the left upper area, X-ray showed only 3 mm bone height under sinus, implant placement impossible without sinus lift procedure. 左侧上方两个磨牙缺失, 上颌窦下方牙槽骨高度只有两毫米,除非上颌窦提升植骨,否则无法进行种植治疗。

· Two implants placed with simultaneous sinus lift 在上颌窦提升术的同期植入种植体

· After 6 month healing, restored with two implant supported crowns. 六个月后, 两个种植成功地修复。

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