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All -ON – 4+ for patients with advanced periodontitis or no teeth 四植体+全瓷牙列—晚期牙周病或无牙病人的最佳治疗

**warning: contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please view at your own discretion!

·       43 yo male,  43岁,男性。

·       Advanced periodontitis with all the teeth very loose.This patient could not chew because it was very painful. His smile and bad breath also troubled his work and social life. 晚期牙周病, 全部牙严重松动, 牙龈红肿出脓。 该患者吃饭疼痛困难, 而难看的牙齿和口气也严重影响他的工作和社交。

·       After all of his teeth extracted, he could not tolerate the dentures that was made to him, because they were wobbly, easy to fall and could not chew much with them . 全部牙齿拔除后, 患者发现按传统方法制作的活动假牙太松动和容易脱落,咀嚼效率低下而不能适应。 

·       Treatment: Fixed  implant supported prostheses ( All -On-4+) on both upper and lower arches, using  four( or more )implants anchored in the remaining basal bone  to provide support. The gum tissue and alveolar bone lost in the process of periodontitis and after extraction resorption are replaced by pink porcepain portion of the prosthesis.   治疗方案: 种植体支持的固定修复体( 四植体+全瓷牙列):  在上.下颌剩余的基骨(因牙槽骨已被牙周病破坏和拔牙后吸收)种植四个以上的种植体而提供支持, 修复体采用粉红色铐瓷来代替失去的牙槽骨和牙龈。 

Before Treatment

After Treatment

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