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Bone Graft & Implant(植牙病案8)

**warning: contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please view at your own discretion!

Multiple upper front teeth missing treated by dental implants and bone graft上颌多个前牙缺失的植牙和骨增量治疗

· 52 year old female 患者女性52岁。

Missing three upper front teeth, the right upper lateral incisor needed to be

extracted due to advanced periodontal disease.已缺失三个上颌前牙,同时现存的右


· The right lateral was extracted, three implants placed with ridge augmentation procedure. 右上侧切牙拔除后, 植入三棵种植体 同时做骨增量。

· Six months later, an implant-supported prosthesis was fabricated and installed, note the pink porcelain on the prosthesis replaced the missing hard and soft tissue deficiency caused by the past history of periodontal disease and teeth missing. 六个月后, 安装上种植牙修复体, 请注意修复体上的粉色烤瓷代替了一部分的牙龈(牙槽骨)缺失部分, 这个缺损是由长期的牙周病和缺牙所造成。

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