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Immediate implant restoration-"Implant Tooth In an Hour"

Updated: May 2

**warning: contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please view at your own discretion!


·       40 year old, Male     40岁男性

·       His upper left central incisor was badly broken in a ski accident, there was no hope to keep. 患者的左上中切牙在滑雪时不幸折断, 没有希望保留。

·       Exam and CBCT scan was done for planning the treatment. During the treatment, his tooth was extracted. Right after the extraction, an implant was immediately placed into the “extraction socket”, a bone graft was placed into the socket, an immediate temporary crown was fabricated at chairside, installed. The patient happily went home with a“ implant tooth “ at the same day of extraction. 检查和CT扫描后制定治疗计划。 治疗过程中,  在牙齿拔除的同时, 一枚种植体立即植入”牙槽窝”和骨粉填充. 随即制作临时修复牙冠, 装在植体上。 患者在拔牙后很欣喜地戴着新“牙”回家。


·       Treatment outcome:

Before  Treatment (治疗前)

During treatment( 治疗中)

After treatment(1 year follow up) 治疗后(一年后随访)


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