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Functional Implant Case(种植病案1)

**warning: contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please view at your own discretion!

Right Maxillary Sinus Lift, lateral ridge aumentation and dental implant treatment


· 60 years old, male.患者60岁, 男性。

· Missing many teeth, had recent extaction of right upper molar and canine. 多个牙齿缺失, 刚刚拔掉右上尖牙和磨牙。

X-ray and CT showed right upper alveolar ridge severe atrophy in both hight and width: only 1mm bone height under the sinus, there was no enough bone to allow dental implant placement.X线和CT检查显示右上牙槽骨极度萎缩,上颌窦下方只有1毫米的骨高度,无法植牙

· X-ray after sinus Lift and ridge augmenation at the upper right site. 上颌窦提升和牙槽增宽后右上牙槽区域的X线显示。

· 6 months later, three dental implants were placed, and after 4 months restored successfully. 6个月后, 三枚种植体植入, 再4月后, 成功装上修复体

...And now the patient can chew and function as before!

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